VIPRE Alert 2/6/2018 – Problem has occurred in VIPRE Scanning Engine : VIPRE Business & VIPRE Business Premium

FYI… Minor problem with vipre today. For about a 45-minute window today you could have downloaded a bad definition from vipre. If you were affected by this take a look at this article it’s an easy fix or give us a call…

President Trump backs online sales tax: What it means for you | Fox News

Not sure I’m happy about this.. I’ll be contacting Brian Mast office.

You Can Now Buy Shipping Container ‘Tiny Homes’ On Amazon

Would you? The story.. How to buy on Amazon… Good luck with PSL code enforcement allowing this here though…

Having a little fun with a Spammer.

I received a Spam message this morning asking if we did computer repair asking if we accepted credit cards? How did I know it was a Spam message? The other hundred people attached to the message. As I just had my coffee here’s how I responded.. The mesaage… Yes we do Computer Services, no we … Continue reading Having a little fun with a Spammer.

$30 Dollars off your repair on Monday!

Bring your computer in on Monday! **BUT YOU NEED TO Tell us you saw this ad online, to receive it.** $30 Dollars off any repair.. Please note offer only Valid till EOB Monday 1/22/18. Cannot be combined with any other offers or coupons. A diagnostic fee which is not discountable will be charged up front. … Continue reading $30 Dollars off your repair on Monday!