VIPRE Alert 2/6/2018 – Problem has occurred in VIPRE Scanning Engine : VIPRE Business & VIPRE Business Premium

FYI… Minor problem with vipre today. For about a 45-minute window today you could have downloaded a bad definition from vipre. If you were affected by this take a look at this article it’s an easy fix or give us a call…

Early Facebook and Google Employees Form Coalition to Fight What They Built – The New York Times

#NOTMYINTERNET? Former Google and Facebook developers change their mind. The Technology, they feel is now bad for you.

Inside the Chinese sex doll factory making ‘smart’ robots that can also talk, play music and even do the dishes

This is probably where we will draw the line at servicing your… Computer..

Reality TV hoaxes you fell for

In this day in age of everything on the internet. I thought I would share out this. Even though, I swore off this kind of stuff along time ago. Both clickbait and these types of progressive click next types of sites. Oh and these types of shows on tv. But I want us to all … Continue reading Reality TV hoaxes you fell for

John McAfee Claims Twitter Account Hacked | News & Opinion |

Antivirus software creator John McAfee has apparently been hacked. On Wednesday, the cybersecurity pioneer claimed he briefly lost control of his Twitter account in a bizarre incident that is raising eyebrows.