Kim Dotcom is Trying to Take Over Twitter!

Man under pending federal indictments and extradition, wants to buy Twitter. And according to some he has the money resources to do it.. But probably would never be allowed to happen.. Strange days that we live in… Http://

Scientist Believes the Human Microchip Will Become “Not Optional” – Anti News Network

Will you have a choice? In my County St Lucie County your pets do not. If you want to see an economic savings.. Click here to read..

VIPRE Alert 2/6/2018 – Problem has occurred in VIPRE Scanning Engine : VIPRE Business & VIPRE Business Premium

FYI… Minor problem with vipre today. For about a 45-minute window today you could have downloaded a bad definition from vipre. If you were affected by this take a look at this article it’s an easy fix or give us a call…