WATCH NOW – Breitbart News Town Hall: ‘Masters of the Universe’ Big Tech vs. Free Speech and Privacy

Masters of the Universe? If all social media was working towards an end goal to elect one candidate they could affect upwards of 10% of the vote. Click to read

Desperate Facebook, Now Pleading With Users to Come Back..

Baby come back, any kind of fool could see There was something in everything about you Baby come back, you can blame it all on me I was wrong, and I just can’t live without you. Or your money.. Click Here to read

Facebook Employees in an Uproar Over Executive’s Leaked Memo – The New York Times

In the memo, Andrew Bosworth, a Facebook vice president, wrote, “Maybe someone dies in a terrorist attack coordinated on our tools. And still we connect people. The ugly truth is that we believe in connecting people so deeply that anything that allows us to connect more people more often is *de facto* good.” Click here … Continue reading Facebook Employees in an Uproar Over Executive’s Leaked Memo – The New York Times

Facebook may have violated FTC privacy deal, say former federal officials, triggering risk of massive fines – The Washington Post

Oh no… Read other story about facebook.. Long read but worth it to understand.. Click Here to Read..

‘I made Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool’: meet the data war whistleblower | News | The Guardian

Facebook is turned into something else. There are 50 million psychological profiles already on file. And growing. If someone knows your likes and dislikes and post an advertisement or even a link to you.. Would you be triggered to like or voice against? Turns out it’s both.. Click to Read